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Introduction, by Jack Dougherty and Tennyson O’Donnell


Sister Classrooms: Blogging Across Disciplines and Campuses, by Amanda Hagood and Carmel Price

Indigenizing Wikipedia: Student Accountability to Native American Authors on the World’s Largest Encyclopedia, by Siobhan Senier

Science Writing, Wikis, and Collaborative Learning, by Michael O’Donnell

Cooperative In-Class Writing with Google Docs, by Jim Trostle

Co-Writing, Peer Editing, and Publishing in the Cloud, by Jack Dougherty


How We Learned to Drop the Quiz: Writing in Online Asynchronous Courses, by Celeste Tường Vy Sharpe, Nate Sleeter, and Kelly Schrum

Tweet Me A Story, by Leigh Wright

Civic Engagement: Political Web Writing with the Stephen Colbert Super PAC, by Susan Grogan

Public Writing and Student Privacy, by Jack Dougherty

Consider the Audience, by Jen Rajchel

Creating the Reader-Viewer: Engaging Students with Scholarly Web Texts, by Anita M. DeRouen

Pulling Back the Curtain: Writing History Through Video Games, by Shawn Graham

Crossing Boundaries

Getting Uncomfortable: Identity Exploration in a Multi-Class Blog, by Rochelle Rodrigo and Jennifer Kidd

Writing as Curation: Using a ‘Building’ and ‘Breaking’ Pedagogy to Teach Culture in the Digital Age, by Pete Coco and M. Gabriela Torres

Student Digital Research and Writing on Slavery, by Alisea Williams McLeod

Web Writing as Intercultural Dialogue, by Holly Oberle

Citation and Annotation

The Secondary Source Sitting Next To You, by Christopher Hager

Web Writing and Citation: The Authority of Communities, by Elizabeth Switaj

Empowering Education with Social Annotation and Wikis, by Laura Lisabeth

There Are No New Directions in Annotations, by Jason B. Jones

Tutorials and Extras (available only in this free digital edition from Trinity College)